Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hari Yang Malas

I found out my husband is jealous of Robert Pattinson,
my movie star crush!

Awwww!He he he...
And he developed a sensitivity to anything Robert Pattinson and Twilight.
So who wants to accompany me to watch Twilight New Moon?
Please email me!

I finally renewed my license at JPJ.
Actually, changed to full license after 2 years of
driving with P stamped on my screens.It was overdue by almost 3 months!

I think I miss someone so much.


Guess guess guess lah!

I got a second nephew this morning.
The baby of my sister, Munira and his husband Anuar.
We nicknamed him Ultraman.
But my sis said his real name gonna be Ali.
Welcome to the world Mr ALI:)
(At this point is still not registered. Will update soon!)

Isn't he a cutie??

Have a nice day everyone!:)

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