Friday, November 20, 2009

iT is Shopping Season!

Why do shopping season always happens when I'm broke?

Yeah, with our wedding just passed by, our financial is still in red alert until maybe 3 months more. What's with photographers and videographers to pay and us moving out to our new lovepad gonna happen within couple of months, it won't be a good time to get ANY new bags, shoes or clothes without reasons aite? I hope my current 'Financial Minister' will agree on the budget allocations to buy job interview outfits or new makeup or this or that or that one also or everything?! hehehehe.....

I kept on reminded of the shopping fun fare when there's always new messages popping up in my inbox announcing the big bargains and special set for Christmas gifts. Being an avid shopper, of course I'm always armed with store cards and credit card. And now they are being ruthless to my fragile soul. Oh god!!! Should I just turn off the handphone and sign off my emails??You know, its not just stores at shopping malls are doing it, even internet shopping webs are joining in the craze!Warghhh!

And some of my friends are going to Singapore for the big shopping season.Drool!

Yes people, sadly I'm announcing that
I CANNOT JOIN THE FUN! Not just yet!
~Wiping off the tears~

But its okay, I am gonna enjoy the sweet moments of my new life with my dear hubby.
And last but not least.......
I can't wait to DECORATE MY NEW HOUSE soon!
My ultimate creative avenue.
Darling, lets shop for paints and home deco!


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