Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today, I mean..since yesterday, my blogger friends and those blogs I love to read so much, didn't update their entries. And even if they do, many lacks enthusiasm. At least that's how I feel. Is everybody feeling the same as me? 

Is it out of laziness OR nothing to write 
OR their life has became somewhat somber? 

My own life ain't colourful enough these days. Besides happy news on my new job,  I had to accept my cat's not coming back. My husband is outstation for a week. Miss poking him here and there especially when he's watching TV. Yes, I am very touchy2 girl. I hate the traffic on the way to work.  I also found that from Monday to Friday, given any week, sure as hell will be repetitive. And I can't wait for the weekends. 

Well, it's not a big deal. Its very grown up. Almost everyone is going through the phase. Just that, I don't feel content.

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