Monday, March 15, 2010

Oren Didn't Come Back Home

2 days in a row..since Saturday.

Words can't describe how sad I am right now.

I slept with my mobile showing his pic. Fell asleep while thinking of our happy times and the last moments I saw him on Friday. But I didn't cry. Coz I choose to be strong. Hopefully he was just taking a long walk and forgot to come back. Maybe today he will wait for me, and demand me to drive him round the block. Yes, he always wait for that moment. The last time I did that was on Friday morning. He jumped into the car. I said, "Oren, please...I'm late already. Tomorrow okay?". But he didn't want to go out. So I drove him. He meowed a lot during the ride. Was he telling me something? Instead of sitting at the passenger seat like usual, he sat on my lap most of the time. Was it his last goodbye?? Oh please not!!

Oren...come back please...

1 comment:

arelynn said...

aiyok kak yam... saya da start menangis ... i really2 hope he will back soon ... dun stop believing .... i really want to meet him sumday ... ;p