Saturday, July 25, 2009

Full Weekend...Argh!!

Am gonna write this up in a super duper speed..hop[efully there wil b no typo.

1) I just got a baby..

While i'm writing this..She is looking at me expectantly...nak susu ke???


a brand new laptop lahh!. on friday. Not a BABY/./. when did i got preggie lahg???!

2) I've met my mak minah tepi kedai pak ali dressmaker:)))))

Met her on Friday. Location: Sakei Sushi, PAvilion. We both are sushi addicts. But pity Cik Mas, my maid of honour for groom's side wedding she could only eat prawn tempura.hehe.

ANd...I prAY, HOPE, imagining that my dream dress will be divine. well according to the should be. not revealing the designer just yet..wait till its all done.. 3 weeks time??wah....really??will i be able to drain my fatty tissues just in time?hahahah!

We'll see:)

3)SOmething is brewing...something tonight..for Someone Special.

Owh god! its already 6pm. and I'm still not bathed. Am supposed to b at the venue by 7 pm. ANd there's a list of errands to squeeze in one hour including driving??

Ok. I'm stopping now.. like right now!!!!!!

ciao/.ok ,bye!!!

sup[er fast suiep[r fast bebeh!!super superrrr!!


Ms.Silent said...

owh...yeahhh! something tonight...for someone special...!!

greatttttt nite weyyyy!!!!!!!


loveeee uuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yam^Artfingers^ said...

All for u bebeh!glad u enjoyed it..the happy tears..priceless!

Ms.Silent said...

ha ha ha ha! i kan emotional....!! ;)