Thursday, July 16, 2009

Photography and Hantaran Shopping

Until last nite...i always felt annoyed with Superman for his lack of time or actually, inconsistent schedule that in the end i was left mending my heart because of the broken promises and had to run things alone. But alhamdulillah we finally managed to secure a date to finally see our photographer and to start our hantaran shopping. I'm really2 excited. Please darling, don't change the schedule again. I'm getting nervous by day, thinking that there's so many things are incomplete. *Y is it only girls became frantic over things like this, and guys so lepak like he dont care??And we even fessed up over particular colours and that particular detailings of the dresses we want??*

But the thought of shopping....with shopping bags full in my hand...har har..what a sight to be seen!

Lately i've been crazy about perfume. I was never a perfume-holic. Of all fashion investment, I consider perfume as the most expensive, a splurge, as they are not lasting, u can't feel but only to smell, and they depreciates faster than you eyeshadow pallette. Get what I mean?? Damn ringgit sense that's always buzzing in my head. Lol! But since I plan to fill up one of my hantaran trays, I went perfume hunting. Sth classic which I can always get it anytime of the year whenever the bottle finishes. Its summer. So there's alot of flowery, fruity based fragrances on the shelves which was always my number one choice.. It was a hard decision. However...the key to find the right perfume is to understand who you really are and find sth that is pleasant to your nose. Brands doesn't speak you in this quest. So don't target any label. Close your eyes, smell, feel if it resonates you.

And yes..I found sth out of ordinary. And Supeman liked it so much.. he went h***y! wink!

There goes the 2nd tray..I need to find two more items. which i want so badly(there's alot! how can it fit 2 trays???Damn!Can a tray re-constructed into two levels??hey, we should be getting creatively futuristic!ehhe)


Today, I am gonna find shoes for raya celebration. IF i found one. That is. Another quest.


Anonymous said...

cuba ko muatkan lamborgini atas dulang..ittew baru futuristic!!

yam^Artfingers^ said...

hahahahaha..nice try!