Monday, July 6, 2009

I Found Them Shuzzzz!!!!

Hey ya people. Yesterday rocks!!

1) My dear longest time friend, Mrs Azean, since kindergarten has just given birth to a baby girl named, Aina Ruqaiyyah on 29.6.09. Such a cute baby:)

Welcome to the world Ms Aina:)

Me playing mum for a..erm..5 minutes..huhhu!
(with fluttering heart!Anak orang fragile pulak!)

2)Engagement of Ms Ainul Azurah-my primary school buddy.She's so lovely. And it took my breath away seeing her in that beautiful white dress with pinks and green embroidery..just look at her..

She's gonna be a damn beautiful bride..Congrats Ainul!

2) I got my shoes ...MY WEDDING SHOES people! Here they are..tadaaaaa!!!:)

They are for my solemnization and my side's reception.

This is for Hantaran from him to me.

Sorry people can't show off the actual thing just yet. Hilang seri pulak nanti.heeheheh!;p boss is on holiday till tomorrow. What should I do to kill off the time eh??


Anonymous said...

motip hilang seri??? sasah gamba kasut ko ade dlm laptop mak!! hahaha

yam^Artfingers^ said...

padam please padammmmmmmmmmm!

Nadine Mazbar said...

Great choice darling ! Stuart Weitzman has always been the bes for formal receptions ! Yeay I'm really happy for you !!! ;D MMuAXXX do show them on your wedding reception day ya ! ;*

Nadine Mazbar said...

And OMG Yan's little princess !!! Just look at her, so tiny miny with Auntie Yam hehe ;) Please do say hi to her, my congratulations to Yan ! ;*

yam^Artfingers^ said...

hehehe...finally nad..finally i got the shoes. now i can sleep peacefully. that was one mountain of hardship during my wedding prep.

yep yan's baby sangat comel..and so tiny:)

Ms.Silent said...

owh....Stuart Weitzman!! i was looking for that!! banyak yg sangat qorgeous weyyy!!!!!!! aku dh menagis nih!!! ha ha ha ha

aku ku carik juga!!! :)

yam^Artfingers^ said...