Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Feeling....

Things became better lately. Everything falls accordingly, well, most part of it. Alhamdulillah!!
I checked my year 2009 reso which i paste up at my work desk.

well, at least, part of it.hehhehehheheh!

Then I realized, its just a reso...nothing more than that..because...there's no there's no rush to do anything. That is why New Year reso never work for me. Maybe i'll just see it 11:59 a.m on 31st December 2009 then:)

Last Saturday...i became the official videographer for my officemate's wedding(erm..more like bidan terjun since she asked me less than one week before the event). My first wedding videography! Once I finish editing them..and submit to the rightful owner, surely I'll post in here. Wait for it! Btw, congrats, to Mrs Giyyah and Mr Kho'i on your marriage. May Allah bless you both and future life. May you both sore to a greater heights and happiness.

My mom's house is getting way kelamkabut than my last visit the week before. Dust all over the floor! Its been such a long time since we had our last renovation. If I am not mistaken it was during my primary. Oren d cat's enjoying the mess the most coz it provides him a great hideaway and playground. I found him climbing the bricks and sniffing the cement. Funny coz he is actually an old cat. Been living with us for almost 10 years now.

Owh god..there's so much things to do at the moment. Gotta focus back on my work. Workstuff+weddingstuff at one time. How meh?

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