Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Modern Bride I Will Be

Took up a test to determine flowers choice at Brides.com

And I am a Modern Bride. Here's the details:
Bold yet minimal, untraditional with a focused, classy twist—your sensibility is fresh and fashion-forward. An art museum or gallery is your ideal wedding-day hot spot.

Bouquets: Bold and architectural bouquets fit your streamlined sensibility. Clean, sleek bouquets are simply tied. Opt for single-bud arrangements.

Floral Decor: Monochromatic arrangements put the focus on texture and creative design. Trumpet vases with a single bloom say minimalist chic; individual arrangements at each place setting are creative and au courant.

Best Blooms: White daisies, single bud calla lilies, bare-stemmed bouquets, cosmos, tulips, orchids

Favorite Colors: Green, blue, monochromatic

I smiled when it said "..-your sensibility is fresh and fashion-forward."

But of course I won't get married in an art museum or gallery! Gila ape??

However, in Malaysia, roses are very common, widely use, therefore they are cheap. And I've told my florist that I banned roses. Not a petal. I just want to be different. But not necessarily more expensive. There's always other options kan?? So, my dear florist...u just have to be creative ya. I am giving you flexibility to work for the best within my budget. But bear in mind..I am a Bridezilla. Very2 fussy. Har. Har.

I love to see flowers from Europeans/Americans websites..they have so many beautiful flowers. And their wild flowers are much more colourful than ours. I wish I can I afford them. Is there anyone kind enough to sponsor my flowers???Yash??hheheheh:)

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