Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Which One to Think First?

1)My wedding updates.
My parent's house in Kajang is in a mess. Renovation is underway. And we pray to dear Lord that it will all be done before Ramadhan. Last Saturday me n Ninie went hunting for floral deco ideas and scarf shopping. My goodness, there was a big frenzy as shoppers enjoying crazy sales all around town..including at Jalan TAR! Alhamdulillah we found all we planned to get. Superman's side still deciding the venue and theme. I get nervous thinking about it because the day's so near and I haven't ordered my gown for his side yet. I need to know the colour and theme to match the look. However, I just have to leave it to their hands. Ultimately its their choice, and I have so much on my plate already. Next, I have to decide on this and that and that too. Crazy!

Ermh..I'm still itching to get a shocking pink shoes. And I found another option. The price is almost the same as the Penelope's shoes. I am not sure whether to spend on that too. I'm torn!

2)My career..Is there is?
Hrm..I think this is not suppose to be the time to worry about my career. I'm getting good salary as it is now. But being a woman, a girl about town and with big dreams, I hate to stay at one spot, one level, monotonous everyday working life for a long time. What is a long time to me? One year. I have passed one year mark 3 months ago. And it seems like I am not going as far as I want until the next mark if I stay in the same company. Help me!!

3) Sleeping disorder
Lately I have been taking sleeping pills for the first time in my life. Its really2 hard to have a deep sleep naturally, even though I was not thinking of anything. I felt so sleepy and tired but when I hit the sack, that feeling was all gone. Frustrating!

I'm feeling numb most of the time. Why? Don't know!


Nadine Mazbar said...

Bonne chance dear ;) Yeap tick tock as it'll hit you, plus the wedding anxiety ..and anyway, yuppers being a shoppaholic makes you itch each time you want something..I hear you girl hehe ;p After all mayeb who knows after or before your wedding you might get yourself the Penelope shoes ? I love reading your wedding prep, believe it or not girl, I pun suddenly feel nervous, you're getting married yeay !!! ;D Love you mmuaxx !! Hopefully before November I could get a leaf, but maybe during weekend, I'll keep you posted ya ! I have to see which lab I'll be dumped into by November huhu...Miss you woman ! ;)

yam^Artfingers^ said...

heheheh..miss u too la nad..u nervous??hahahah!doc kenot b nervous!or is it because u r planning your wedding pulak senyap2 har2!

hopefully u can fly down here for d wedding..huhuhu..then balik la serve your lab right after.hahahhaha!