Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Tiresome Sunday

Yash's Hen Party...

1) Shang Ri- La Hotel, Room 1204
Theme : Sexy Bitchy

2) Gypsy Bar
Theme : Get the Future Bride Drunk and Serve the Masters' Every Whims.

This is a recap of previous entry "3)SOmething is brewing...something tonight..for Someone Special."

It was a hen party for Ms.Yash who's tying the knot on 1st August, Saturday with his hunkylicious fiance, Mr Johnny. So following the tradition, and masterminded by Mrs Tuna who got married last year, trying to revenge on her own hen party which...Yash was part of the brains. So along with Yash's BFF, Lady D , Ms Hana, Ms Ofey, Me, Ms Anfal & Ms Ida, we painted the town red. We dressed her in a gorgeous black sequinned dress+tiara+'Bachelorette' sash. She completed all 5 dares that she picked from the list I managed to scout last minute before I departed to Shang Ri-La from my Ampang crib. It was hilarious! Yash had to gulped down few glasses before she could have the courage to perform.. You rock girl! And we walked along the road while singing "Pretty Woman" like nobody cares! And oh..I'm still waiting for the paparazi pics to arrive into my hard disk. (ko tunggu Yashma!hahahahah!*gelak jahat*)

Note : I'm out of the country when my time comes ok...thank you.:)

Deco+Furniture Shopping

I think I know what my dream job is..Personal Shopper.

I just love shopping!!! I don't understand why some people despise shopping. I love every minute of it. Minus the traffic jams and hard-to-find parking space especially on the weekends. But tell me we are going shopping...I'm all for it regardless the time and location. The feeling of finding something that you never expect or finally found sth really hard to get or simply getting something new is divine. What more when you have bottomless cash. this case, I haven't got the pleasure yet. Working on it, people! Always, I think I want to have another side income just to support the shopaholic in me. Right now, its all about calculating. My brain will always be a gigantic calculator. One source- my be divided into few channels. Not enough la!!hrmhhh...

eh eh...ape yg aku melalut ni??

On Sunday, hrmh...was a tiresome day. After having a late night partying, I arrived home at 4 sth, hit the sack close to 5 am. At 9, my bro was frantically knocking my door while shouting, "Bangunlah....we must go back to Kajang now. Mummy's furious!". But it took several seconds to register what he was actually saying. I was very2 sleepy+tired. With my sleepy head, I dragged my reluctant body to have a cold shower and get ready in 10 minutes makeup, no perfume, no ironed clothes..just jeans and a tshirt. Wore my glasses on(when I wear my glasses means, my eyes are dry so i cannot wear the lense, or I was plain lazy to pretty myself up). When I reached my cat Oren's already waiting. My sis's n bro's room has been painted. And I got a lil project. Redecorating the rooms. Mummy knows I hate packing and cleaning up. So she said, I should beautify the rooms. Yeay! Means more shopping. So nobody can blame me for spending hours at the shops! I know my sis will hate me for this. hahahahahah!
So within minutes I was on the road again. Hitting the hardware, furniture, fabric and home deco shops around Kajang and Balakong. By 9:30pm, I was a dead meat on the bed and darkened room. Zzzzz.

Today is another Monday. My boss's on leave. But I have another acting boss. So I am not that free. He called me up asking whether I have finished doing the catalogues..damn. Gotta do my job properly before I get sacked. Till later people!


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close my eyes n ears then...erghhhh!

eyy...u do me bad...ko tunggu la time ko yek!

Ms.Silent said...

u both siap la....!!!!! u never know okayyyy!!!

siap korang semuaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

muahahahahahaha *gelak jahat*