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Prewedding Recap

I will recap from Wednesday 4th November 2009 until Bersanding Kecil on the 7th November 2009.

Wednesday-I started my matrimonial leave. My hantaran for him was still half done. There was about 5 out of 9 trays to be filled. Superman hadn't settled his hantaran shopping. Ya..we shop for ourselves and swap it. He's still working. I was really pissed.
The canopy contractor put up the structure in the afternoon.
At 12pm, I was rushing to Dzull Classique to get my dresses. Damn, it was not ready. I got pissed again. Coz it was suppose to be ready by last week. She asked to come again at night.Ergh..fine, I have to accompany Superman to pick his and Kojack's anyway..
I was suppose to have my makeup test last Sunday. But I forgot. SO, I rescheduled to Wednesday Noon. Turns out me and Kak Hana had to postpone it later to around 5pm. At 33opm I was at KLCC helping Superman to choose HIS ring. It was a major challenge coz he has big fingers. Size 23. Found sth but they can't resize it to his size. The original was more than 2 sizes smaller. I left him n rushed to Kak Hana. She was super nice. Her lil tots made the studio alive. Like a kindergarten. And she was out of breath disciplining the kids. haha..Adorable:) Ermh...let the pictures do the talking..ya..

my fav-bersanding dinner makeup

-ala2 primadona zaman dolu2-

This was what I saw when I turned to my house road after the Makeup Test. The canopy was there..It was really happening!!:)

Thursday- Superman was still working!!!!!!! Bizarre. I'm lost for words. This is the challenge you gonna get when marrying a businessman. Adoi...time critical nihhh...
He managed to shop few more for his hantaran. Still couldn't find his ring. I was really2 worried:(
I didn't go back to Kajang so that I can finish up some more hantaran and clean up my messy house, my laundry and such. On Sunday, some people are coming to my house to get ready for Superman's side's reception. Must make it look like a house! Mummy was calling me non-stop to ask this and that. Stay calm Mariam..Just Stay Calm!! You CANNOT have more wrinkles and pimples. (shits..a GIANT PIMPLE made its way on my forehead. Ahhhh..lantakla...ape guna concealer??)

- Whattttttttt??????????????????????????????! Its Friday already??? Someone asked I nervous to get married...ending up my bachelorhood..yada yada.? The answer was..NO. I'm more nervous about the event. Still lots to do. And I was still at KL until 8pm! And my house was already full with neighbours helping, vendors performing their design works, DJ setting up their equipments and my relatives from far had arrived. And they were all waiting for me!

I had 4 hours spa session at Tini's Spa in the morning. It was suppose to relax my mind and body. never happened. Not completely. I didn't dare to leave my hp, wary that if someone if wants to reach me for emergency matters. True enough, there was only one brief 15 minutes where nobody contacted me either by calls or SMS! OMG! I guess the Spa Attendants saw how stressed up I was. They gave me a better service..Heaven...for awhile:)

Then, it was rush hour again. After tranferring some stuffs to my sis, Munira, I rushed to Kg Baru, picked up Cik Mas, and we went for inai a.k.a henna designwork at Jalan Tar. Found a saloon, an Indian saloon who advertise the service. Went in, picked a design wich the designer quoted RM20. Ok fine. This is only the 2nd time I was doing it. So I couldn't remember the price I got about 5 years back. Guess what they charged me RM90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The RM20 is just for one side of a hand! Shits..I forgot the saloon's name. But really i was duped!!MARAH sangat!

Next journey was to go back to Ampang house, meet Superman to get his stuffs and rush to Kajang and pick my dresses at Dzull Classique. And then, go back to my Mom's house drop some stuffs, say hi to the helpers and went out again, meet Nisa at her house to fetch my wedding gown. All that was supposed happened accordingly and completed by 11pm. Well let just say it couldn't happened because of broken promises by the tailor(Dzull-if you are reading this, I'm not trying to condemn your business, but, when you promise things make it happen!) delayed everything by TWO hours! I was waiting for bloody two hours for them to fix my Kebaya buttons which they promised will be ready in half hour! Of which I've told them I need to go back ASAP because my wedding would be the next day! I almost cried!! When I was told it was ready, the assistant zipped off my Kebaya inside the garment bag and I stormed out angrily.Ergh!

Saturday-The BIG DAY-7.11.09
I just completed my hantaran for him. Finally! Time to snooze. My florists was still doing the touch ups. I was famished. I yearned for nuggets from McDonald. But nobody wants to help me to fulfil my yearnings. Ergh...I was not really the Queen of the Day??Uhuk!

6.3o a.m
Mom woke me up. Telling me(bebel actually) to pray and ask for forgiveness and barakah from Allah. I didn't sleep peacefully. It was way out of my normal sleeping time. I tried to continue sleeping. But, luck was not on my side.

8 a.m
I finally got my first food after more than 14 hours! Roti canai and hot nescafe! Nyummm!

9 a.m
Kak Hana the makeup artist arrived. I just finished taking my bath...oops I havn't prepped my face.

1030 a.m
Relatives arrived. And as usual, knock2 the bridal room.(Favourite of the aunties2..huhuhu!). I think I surprised them with no glittery bed covers and such. Just a really practical, beautiful, simple embroidered, hotel quality cotton bedsheets accentuated by fresh flowers in tall big vasses on the tables. And the wall was adorned by my flowery wall art.. no scallops. I don't like the typical idea. I love to be simple, bold and different. Sorry aunties, didn't mean to shock you that way. hehehehe.

11 a.m
The TIME was nearing. Superman said his entourage was reaching the Surau Al-Furqan already.

11.30 a.m
He was there sitting in front of Ustaz Ayob, the jurunikah of my housing area. Beside him was Papa, his brother, Along, Uncle Wan, Cikgu June and the rest of our family members was around. The photographers and videographers was busy clicking their cameras.

My BV clan was there too:)

I was calm. I don't know why I didn't feel nervous at all. Something about the Surau made me feels the serenity and I knew it was going to be okay. Maybe because that was where I learned to read the Quran when I was small. It has been awhile since I read one. :(

Papa stuttered. Seems like he's more nervous than Yazid was. Maybe nervous of handing his youngest daughter to his man. Everybody was laughing under their breath. My legs was already cramped.Ha ha.

Alhamdulillah..with one Lafaz, Superman and Me were pronounced married. Thank you Darling.
I cried when I kissed Papa's hand and hugged him. I can still feel the moment while I'm writing this. Oh my..Sweetness.

Lunch was served at my house right after. And Berinai Kecil/Bersanding Kecil for close friends and relatives followed at 1:30 pm. I changed to a purple Kebaya.

Enjoy the pictures below. I'll write about my bersanding in the next entry.

This is my no-makeup-sleepy-stoned face with wet-hair!OMG!
Search for the GIANT pimple on my forehead,,hhahha!

My Nikah look. Innocent kah saya?

MIL:sign je laaa..pikir ape lagi tahhh!
Cik Hana: Ko sure ke ni?
Me: Aiyoo....ketaq tangan lutut nehh!
Papa: Alahai anak bongsu aku ni..dah nak jadik bini orang dahh!:(

tahan kaki tgh kebas!!

MIL and my relatives at the background

Yeay..mak kayo kejap!la la la la!

Us n hantarans

Berinai-Nice purple kan??!

pic courtesy of Kak Hana
n Imah

Here's some pics of the Hantaran from me to him, created by myself:)

Cantik tak??? Want me to do your hantaran,
do email me at for more info.

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