Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brainy Me??

Tell you the truth, this week my brain is in half working mode. I can't really focus on anything. Not so much enthusiasm.

Everyday I tried to write something. But after two sentences, I went blank. And I dumped the writings into drafts. This is not good. There's so much going on. I felt like sharing with all of you. But, as I said, my brain went numb.

Currently listening to Halo by Beyonce. I'm feeling a bit relaxed.

So what's up for the past couple of days?
1) I was deciding what should I do with my career.
2) And then I freaked out.
3) I realized I don't have enough experience and qualification to get a better job.
4) I'm not sure whether to quit my current job now or later. If I submit my resign letter, will I get a new job within a month. Like Yash said, better wait. Hrmhh. I'm still not sure.
5) So I was thinking whether to get a professional cert. Thought of  taking ICSA to become a chartered secretary. It will definitely bring me a greater future. But how to pay? How long the duration of study? Hrmhh...Gotta check with MAICSA and hopefully get exempted for few subjects. Save time and money.

So...yes..nothing exciting going on. But few of my friends are getting excited. Few are delivering their first born, few are getting engaged. Good luck and congratulation everyone! You know who you are. And one is starting a new job at a famous IT company. I'm proud of you all.

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