Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Now I am Finding the Time...

Hey peeps, feels so good to be able to find time to write again. Actually I am still in office and finished my works. And somehow I felt the strong urge to write. Err..le patron, puis-je réclamer des heures supplémentaires ?

And as usual, I have no concrete plan for my writing. It's all jumbled up. Let me think....
1)Moving out and into a new condo...AGAIN!
Oh yes, this is my 4th move since the beginning of my relationship with Superman. My current owner sold his house and gave us ONE month notice to move out. We searched high and low for THE PLACE, and we found it after diligent day and night googling and asking around. Actually this place, called Aman Height, we have already viewed it before we moved into current home. But somehow, we didn't like it last time. God knows what makes us gugugaga this time around. Guess because of the superb facilities with OK price! We got our keys last night and suppose to start packing up tonight. Erkk! Just a gist of what's waiting us;

2)Jalan-jalan Non-Stop
Almost every week, I since March, I was on the road. Be it on personal or work purpose. It was a nice getaway, especially when I can claim every dime spent, but when I get back into the office, the pressure is somewhat the same or more. Enjoy my travel pics and lil explanation I :)

 Vietnam War Museum-Some souls are too devil to be called human.
Look what they did to these innocent men.
                                             Vietnam, Mekong River-with my travel buddies
 On board Sapura 3000 vessel- I hate the way I look! So gemuk and senget.
Singapore, Universal Studios-Where I felt magical and spend till drop

There's few more pictures but I don't have the time to upload now.

3) I never lose a pound and kept adding
Surprised? Not? Yeah me too! Everything doesn't fit properly now. I am already obese. Clap clap clap clap! It's depressing but I guess my desire to eat surpass the desire to get thin.See that face at Universal Studios? Compare it with this 2008 pic.
 Can you still recognize me??? to you again in next entry. For now, new tasks landed in my inbox. Toodle doo!

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more more story! love to read.
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