Saturday, June 18, 2011

The last Weekend Here

Hey peeps,

How's your weekend so far? Tonnes of fun or lazying around:couch potato? Whatever you do keep it up coz you will never know if you ever gonna do that in the next weekends.

Oh what in the world am I blabbing about?! Mariam, stop talking rubbish!

Actually I'm this melancholic feeling. This week has been quite a drama.

1) Last week's Friday I received a call from my brother saying that my40 years old eldest sister is getting married. As shocked as I was, I felt happy for her. It was apparently an arranged marriage. She was finally solemnized, witnessed by closed family members, on Thursday, 16th June. I have a mixed feeling about this. Being a practically independent girl, with my personal stance, I would want my sister to marry out of love. But I won't tell you about the whole drama surrounding this marriage. As a little sister, I want nothing but the best for her. Knowing her personally, I believe my parents wish is somewhat the best given her circumstances. With Allah's grace, I pray that she will one day find the LOVE in the marriage and able to feel like what I feel.
I also believe his husband, whose a native Chinese from China AND an Imam, will be able to take care of her and be a loving and patient partner. Amin.

2) Today will be my last Saturday sleeping in my current condo-Greenview Condominium. As mentioned in previous post, we found a new place. Next Saturday will be the moving out day. I am excited but at the same time, sad to leave this beautiful place. In this house, we celebrated our first anniversary. In this house, my Superman, hit the big 30. In this house, we had our ups and downs, happy moments and fights too. I love the pool, in fact, that's the biggest plus point when I decided to coax Superman to rent this place. But it's okay.
I guess, the next pool is somewhat nicer too. A bit more urban feeling compared to the resort feel here.

Besides all this, I was thinking don't have anything else to think about. Haha!

These days, I strive not to clutter my mind. One thing at a time. I know, we should be multitasking. But I just want to do the multitasking thing only in working environment. Even so, I tried to lessen it. I found that by compartmentalizing things, I am able to focus better. Get what I mean? Prioritizing as well. I used to want to do everything at one go. And I felt out of breath every time.

I get jealous with friends already buying a property. Or already looking into property buying. I can't wait for that to happen. We are not ready to settle down somewhere and at the same time our tastes are somewhat higher than we can afford. Till then..rental lah dulu!

This afternoon we went to Kota Kemuning to meet MIL and BIL family. Passed our house, I mean the house we had to sell since the location is too far from our workplace. A bit of regret. The house is really nice. And we won't be able to get the same kind of house with the same value, unless we want to move to Nilai. way! Now we have to save again(really2 struggling to save! Jeez!) for the down payment money. What a feat to go through. Arghhh!

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