Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Exam Passed..now PAC???

Life's less interesting today.

But I just knew that I am required to go for Program Assessment Centre(PAC) for a government post I was applying to before I join the Company. It is not easy to get into the list since applicants MUST attend a written exam. A really really long and draining exam, which I took in Putrajaya. Its wierd that they require me to wear sports attire on the registration day. I don't remember applying for any sports related positions?????So where do this requirement came from?

Now I am really torn. I enjoy working here now. Nice boss. Good learning opportunity and career advancement. The diversity and benefits are tremendous! But then again, for stability, government has always been a good choice. And their benefits are what gets jobseekers in Malaysia talking too. The thing is I worry of the low wage. I heard that the starting salary is half from what I am getting now. Still I am terribly curious about the assessment. I think I will attend to experience it. Whether I pass or not doesn't matter, right? Majority failed. This is the only time in my life I don't really care if I fail! :D


CikChelsea said...

congrats sbb dh lulus exam. going to attend the pac? apply for M41 ke?

this time around, jpa ubah pac...new format, so tak boleh nak bg tips sbb we all tak tahu apa format baru tu..huhu.

nway, good luck!

yam^Artfingers^ said...


yeah for M41.Ha,,,tulaa..i tot so diorg ubah format..sbb past applicants pon pelik y only one day.:D